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RiiFT offers all the communications products your workforce needs to connect. Local businesses, government departments, multinational firms—our technology empowers organizations of all sizes to communicate and share information when it matters most. The result: Your team can get the job done, safely and productively.

Two-Way Radios and Systems

When on the job, durability and performance are must-haves for your communications technology. Whether you work in construction, energy, public safety or utilities, RiiFT will arm your team with the best two-way radio solutions for the task.

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CSA-Compliant, Intrinsically safe portables

From oilrigs with chemical vapours, to open mines with combustible dust, your team tackles dangerous work conditions every day. Our CSA-compliant portables are explosion proof, making them intrinsically safe for hazardous environments.

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Digital Radios

Imagine communicating with your team with crystal audio clarity, even in remote or noisy conditions. That’s the power of digital radio technology. Thanks to their noise cancelling and voice optimization features, you’ll enjoy robust sound quality—wherever, whenever.

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Cellular Products

Do you need the latest in smartphone technology? Or, the toughest in handheld phone design? RiiFT’s cellular products have got you covered. Choose one of our many flexible rate plans to get the right voice and data service for your company.

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Satellite Phones

When your business takes you far from the reaches of cellular towers and landlines, satellite phones keep your workers safe and productive. These powerful communication tools boast high voice quality and data capabilities.

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SCADA Systems and Remote Monitoring

If you manage a production plant, processing facility or even a commercial office, you know that any building’s mechanisms can be intricately complex. RiiFT can design a rigorous monitoring system to pinpoint real-time data about your equipment and operations.

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Wireless Networking

Wherever your worksite is, RiiFT’s network technology goes—anywhere across Canada. We offer Internet services, point-to-point networks and satellite solutions, all backed by our industry-leading support and maintenance team.

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Fleet Tracking Systems

Keep your fleet at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From transportation and security, to mining and energy, our wireless and GPS tracking systems empower companies across industries to locate and monitor all the vehicles in their network.

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GPS Products

Help your drivers navigate from point A to point B as quickly and safely as possible. Our GPS products feature user-friendly displays, detailed maps and voice-activated directions in a compact yet durable package.

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