Our Services

At RiiFT, we know you need more than a product arriving in a box. You deserve a trusted partner who can design, develop and deliver your communications systems. Whatever your project requires, our highly trained staff are here to get you connected.


Two-ways, mobile radios, satellite phones and more: You name it, we have it available to rent. Whether you need a short-term or long-term rental, RiiFT’s dealers can supply, deliver and set up any of our wireless communication products right on your worksite.


In the field or in the office, RiiFT’s technical professionals can engineer communications systems for every workplace. Our design expertise includes coverage enhancements, site surveys, power systems, antenna systems, last mile solutions and equipment shelters.

Spectrum Management and Radio Licensing Services

It’s the law: Federal regulations require all radio equipment to be licensed. RiiFT can help you determine the proper certification requirements for your company. Then, we’ll walk you through the entire regulatory process, from start to finish.

Coverage and Path Profile Analysis

If your communications network spans across the province or Canada, it’s crucial you plan for any obstacles that may impede your signals—from trees and mountains, to buildings and long distances. Using our radio frequency prediction software, RiiFT can design the optimal coverage for your company.

Installation Services

From basic vehicle configurations to complex system infrastructure, RiiFT’s skilled staff can supply, deliver and set up any wireless equipment. No matter your communications needs, we’ll perform a full-service installation, anywhere across the country.

Programming Services

Installing your equipment is one task, but programming is a whole other undertaking. If you need assistance with your equipment’s settings, frequencies and channels, our experienced dealers are here to help.

CSA-Approved Repair Centres

Our certified staff provide the highest standard of repairs in the industry. Using state-of-the-art test equipment and tools, we can diagnose and fix your malfunctioning communications products.

Maintenance Contracts

Be prepared for any equipment programming and repair needs that may arise from month to month. Our pre-paid contracts give you peace of mind, while letting you know all your maintenance costs upfront.

Wide-Area Two-Way Radio Network

Do you have radio coverage needs beyond conventional service? Using repeater towers, RiiFT can engineer a wide-area network to enhance your two-way communications. Or, we can connect your company to our extensive commercial network.

Portable Towers

For many businesses, standard cellphone coverage just doesn’t cut it. If you work in a remote environment, RiiFT can supply and set up portable towers to quickly connect your team. We equip each tower with bi-directional amplifiers to extend your cellular service.