Bring Your Customers Back Into The Store With Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards also have taken over our lives and have now invaded!  It all started innocently enough.  It seemed like no big deal when airlines and resorts embraced the’regular’ traveler rewards applications.  We customers embraced the idea of rewards for our journey.

Little did we know that loyalty cards would band together and plot to overtake our lives!  The momentum built we wouldn’t notice.  First, we had one airline and a hotel loyalty card stowed safely in our pockets.  We added other cards to be certain we took advantage of our travel activities on all airlines and hotels we might see.  Then, as if we wouldn’t notice, leasing car reward cards invisibly to our pockets.  As we included airlines, hotels, and car cards, the number of loyalty cards which we held crept into the double digits.

Other businesses keen to cash in on the loyalty card phenomenon were quick to reply.  One by one we included loyalty cards from department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, gasoline stations, coffee shops, video stores, and shops.  Plastic cards that beckoned us to utilize them increasingly soon defeated our wallets.

The invasion was on!  Our pockets were overtaken and could take on no longer vinyl cards.  Like an aggressive parasite, loyalty cards looked for areas that were new to invade and discovered our keyrings an inviting target.  Like something out of a science fiction movie, loyalty cards spawned a new strain of key fobs that crept onto our keyrings and multiplied like rabbits.  Apparently plastic fobs overtook our keyrings.

The silent invasion of the loyalty cards continues today.  New businesses enter the fray daily.  Book stores, doctors’ offices, eyeglass veterinarians, stores, and home improvement contractors add to the mountain of loyalty plastic.  I fear the day that my attorney or physician issues a loyalty card to get proctology exams.

I know that I have reached the point of saturation; there is not any more room in my wallet or keyring for even one more loyalty card.  The flow has started an attack of desk, kitchen, and dresser drawers in my house and have constructed together.

We could battle back by throwing them all away, but that is like asking a lifetime long cigarette smoker to stop cold turkey.  Loyalty do promote.  When a shopper purchases without their loyalty card in a store that they feel guilt; guilt for not saving a few dollars or not making their reward points.  Loyalty cards are similar to an addiction; they’re hard to give up.

Loyalty cards are very popular with businesses because it can help them to identify their customers, create a sense of exclusivity, and reward their best customers.  Devotion plastic’s mountain, however, is creating a burden on today’s customer to take – and – keep in mind to use – their loyalty card.

To block the invasion, businesses need to progressively implement loyalty programs that permit the consumer to self-identify without the need for a physical loyalty card.  For online businesses, this is a lot easier to accomplish with biscuits or simple online account management capabilities.  For brick and mortar businesses, the challenge of customer identity management is the holy grail of customer relationship management.  Until then, the devotion card intrusion will continue to be well worth in today’s business environment.

How Loyalty Cards Boost Earnings 

In case you have ever wondered whether custom printed loyalty cards from Cornerstone Credit Services will increase your business as a local store, chain or shop, in this article you will discover three reasons why plastic loyalty cards can increase revenues for your business.  The solution is yes.  There are reasons for that.

The three reasons are: 

Loyalty/gift cards increase the amount of one sale by an individual client 

They attract the person client back more frequently, and they raise the number of consumers.  There is hardly any corner of generating revenue that a well-done custom printed gift card would not cover.   Plastic loyalty cards induce higher sales with a single customer

The reason for this is simple.  In the store, the customer already knows what they will pay with the card.  From the time they have gotten into the store, they also realized they can use the card in this store or this chain.  So they’ll spend it.  Indeed, the statistics show that an average client using all the loyalty/gift card spends 50% more in the clothing stores and in the grocery store.

Two extra points here – Even though the consumer knows that there are no transaction fees when buying a store card, or a gift card, which raises the shop’s effective earnings.  Plus, the statistics demonstrate that an estimated 10 percent of the cards are never used.

Loyalty cards bring in a single client More Frequently 

Unlike credit cards, a petroleum loyalty card may only be redeemed in your locations.  When the proprietor becomes aware of this fact, he believes that he needs to come to your shops to make the most of the idle cash.  Also, the individual customer is advised of your store every time they open their wallet or purse where they hold the business cards as well as the present cards.  It’s a subconscious influence at its best.

Present cards raise the number of customers

Plastic loyalty/gift cards promote viral marketing too!  First off, many times contributed to the buddy, purchased by one individual and a plastic loyalty/gift card is going to be purchased as a gift card, which is.  Many times, the buyer is going to be your client, and also the purchaser is going to have a certain level of confidence that the recipient is going to have a fantastic use for this and will like the gift card.  So not only have you ever gained a prospective client that is sexy but also is that client qualified by a friend who presumably knows her well.

Additional Benefits of this Loyalty Cards

1.  Plastic loyalty cards may attract buyers to make.  In addition, extra when the loyalty card is used, which means that the holder is likely to purchase products that are extra may be bought by them.

2.  These cards frequently attained by two customers, when the buyer gives a buddy or family member for a loyalty card.  This is a marketing chance for the merchant since it can create a new client to boost the consumer list.

3.  Revenue of these cards may progress by moving the commodities, especially during important holidays, for example, Christmas and Father’s Day, when customers are searching for loyalties, account management, and cash flow.