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8 Benefits You Immediately Receive If You Begin Podcasting Today

According to a recent Case Study on Podcasting Audiences, three interesting statistics are on the upswing. Smartphone possession will correlate to a higher likelihood of listening to a podcast. It all points to a cellular consumer on the move, who is looking at podcasts as an additional or maybe alternative source of information.

Podcasts stand out for their sensible information type of structure. To your brand, podcasting is the new powerful, cheap and simple new moderate then to reach out to the cellular consumer on the move who needs practical, concise and committed information. You currently have a focused and passionate audience.

It’s now a lot easier to become a recognized expert in your area of expertise or interest to this group through podcasting, without needing to counter the standard conventions Build your credibility, your earnings, your list of customers and develop a fan base very quickly and without the constraints of blogging.

If these three important indicators listed above are anything to go by, podcasting is the way to go. Equipped with favorable growth indicators as well as the move by Auto Manufacturers to put in podcast players in their New Models, folks are gearing up for the future of This is a marketplace on the development curve.

Yet it is still relatively untapped and fraught with opportunities. In the exact same Research research podcast Consumer 2015′, by Edison and Triton, they show the age of podcast listeners is equally spread across virtually all age groups. You receive an average of 15 percent listenership among the 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 age groups.

15% may seem low at this time, but consider the effect when podcast players become more accessible and within your reach. What that means is that if your brand will immediately get a devoted audience, no matter whichever age group you’re targeting – a wonderful thing to know as you If these are the numbers we’re seeing now, as access to podcasts becomes much simpler with smartphones and our most recent vehicle comes equipped with a podcast player, your audience footprint will naturally grow in the coming months.

Smartphone ownership is not going to die anytime soon. We’re always upgrading, improving and searching for a better smartphone version. 2. Podcasting Adds Value to your existing marketing effort. Even better is the understanding that podcasting complements your existing marketing efforts.

You don’t need to replace some of your current social networking activities. Continue with your Facebook, Twitter, blogging marketing campaigns. You can even turn your most recent blog post into a podcast event, add a twist on it and it is new content. Podcasting just increases your footprint also provides you a completely new audience.

3. You’ll Find customer conversion simpler with Podcasting Someone trying to find a podcast in a specific subject is already quite clear about what they need to listen to. Unlike radio, where the radio listener subconsciously songs off when the upcoming commercial broadcasts, using a podcast, you get a dedicated listener and you will listen to listen carefully to everything you need to say, provided that you say it nicely.

Because listeners subscribe to podcasts, they’ve chosen to receive your content. They’ve already shown interest in your message by subscribing. Moreover, a podcast doesn’t get lost in SPAM like with email. You can make sure your message is reaching a concentrated audience.

That gives you a greater probability of customer conversion. Suppose you have a site on diet and nutrition. There are more than 30 million bloggers competing within that market and your only chance of recognition is expensive marketing, or growing your site crowd over months, possibly years, Plus, you must learn the essentials of SEO optimization, produce new content often and guest-blogging.

Since it is still comparatively under-exploited, you can quickly gain that audience you’re looking for much quicker and develop credibility as an authority by being one of the few What would originally have taken you months to accomplish, you reach in a matter of weeks? As Tom Tate says, “This”first to market” approach to podcasting might be the opportunity you are looking for to catapult your online marketing to another level.

If it is possible to develop the go-to authority podcast in your specialty, you will eventually drive enough traffic back to your website or blog to become the authority   When you see or hear someone on Radio or TV, they have immediate credibility.